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Welcome to Kratom Truth in Labeling Compliance Program. The AKA strongly opposes unscrupulous vendors who use illegal health claims to increase sales of kratom products. This new self-regulation program will encourage consumers to report potential marketing violations so that the FDA can investigate and, when appropriate, take needed enforcement actions against kratom vendors who use impermissible health claims to mislead consumers about the actual benefits of using this otherwise safe food product.

This program is a valuable addition to the current AKA vendor GMP program that requires participating vendors to adhere to good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and to submit to an independent 3rd party audit to verify compliance.

Please review the full Website Terms of Use.  Nothing on thisWebsite should be construed as the provision of medical and/or legal advice or a recommendation regarding any decision or action related to you, your health, others’ health, your products, and/or your business.  

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