URGENT - the deadline is TODAY! - December 1st for comments. 

The DEA has withdrawn its notice of intent to emergency ban kratom, but this is far from over. This comment period allows us to share our stories and opinions about kratom’s legality. Please use our site : www.kratomcomments.org to submit.  If you have file attachments, please use : http://bit.ly/2eeaGq0 (shortened url for the regulations.gov kratom docket. IF YOU HAVE ATTACHMENTS, you MUST use the 2nd link (regulations.gov).

General commenting tips : a) BE SURE YOU SAVE A COPY OF YOUR COMMENT IN A DOCUMENT BEFORE YOU TRY TO SUBMIT – Things go wrong on the internet all the time and you’ll want to have that backup copy in case something crashes while you’re trying to submit.    Read more HERE




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