Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Utah

    In 2019 Utah passed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. As Utah is working to implement this monumental piece of legislation, we've coordinated with the Utah Dept. of Agriculture and Food to help provide information and guidance on how the Utah KCPA is being implemented.

    Utah Kratom Information

    The purpose of the Utah Kratom Consumer Protection Act is to safeguard public health. This page provides consumers a high level of confidence through regulatory education. Utah Department of Agriculture and Food, Division of Regulatory Services is committed to ensure Kratom products being prepared and sold in Utah are safe, unadulterated and honestly presented.

    How is the program implemented?

    1) Processor: Establishments offering Kratom products for sale (End product or wholesale), extracting, mixing, formulating, white labeling, or bottling, holding Kratom product must be registered with regulatory services as a "Kratom retail food establishment," this can be done here.

    * Fees are based on size of the facility and processing methodology.

    2) Product Registration: Once registered as a Kratom food establishment, Kratom products being sold must be registered with UDAF, this can be done here. * There is a $260.00 fee Per formulation.

    Why is Kratom in Utah?

    Established under Senate Bill 58 of the 2019 general session of the Utah State Legislation. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act was voted into law effective May 14, 2019. This Law designated the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food to establish a set fee and create standards for registering a Kratom Product by making rules to administer and enforce the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

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