AKA Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program

    The American Kratom Association developed AKA GMP Standards Program in an effort to enhance the safety of kratom products offered to consumers.  As manufactures are approved as AKA GMP Qualified, they will be included in a list on this page

    To qualify, manufacturers must commit to following strict manufacturing and processing standards as outlined in this document , which will then need to be verified by a pre-approved, independent auditor. 

    Download the AKA GMP Sample Audit Form

     To maintain AKA GMP Qualified status, each manufacturer must continue to pass annual independent audits.  To help with this approval process, AKA has developed a checklist listed below that walks through the various steps.

    AKA established this program to protect kratom consumers from vendors who produce kratom products using sloppy manufacturing procedures that allows for contamination, and will exclude vendors who deliberately adulterate kratom products to boost their effect by adding dangerous and sometimes deadly substances like fentanyl or morphine.

    AKA GMP Standards Checklist

    Below are the necessary steps to obtain the “AKA GMP Qualified” status. Once obtained, the vendor must submit proof of an annual successful 3rd party audit to the AKA to maintain qualified status.

    Register for the AKA GMP Standards Program using the link above or going to:

    AKA GMP Registration


    • Submit the $500 registration fee to the AKA. The registration fee will help cover administrative costs.

    *By registering for the AKA GMP Standards, vendors are committing that they will abide by standards listed within the program

    • Review the AKA GMP Standards

    • Take necessary steps to become “AKA GMP Qualified”. Some vendors may choose to hire outside consultation to reach compliance.

    • Once a vendor feels they meet the AKA GMP Standards, contact a 3rd party auditor to arrange an inspection. The AKA can recommend an auditor if needed.

    • Complete and pass a 3rd party audit to achieve the “AKA GMP Qualified” designation.

    • Request that the 3rd party auditor submit their audit report to the AKA, with their contact information, stating that the vendor has met the qualifications outlined in the AKA GMP Standards document

    The AKA will review the audit and make the final determination. Follow-up information and inspection verification may be requested. From the time of registration, each vendor will have 6 months to submit a qualifying audit from a 3rd party auditor or be removed from the AKA list.

    Fee Information:

    • Initial program registration fee: $500

    • Annual Re-Certification Fee: $1,000

    • 3rd Party Auditing and Consulting Costs: All costs are negotiated between the vendor and any outside companies


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