Senate Bill S6345 (House Bill A8670)

S6345 passed out of the Senate Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse and was referred to a Senate floor vote (we don't know when).  We need to have New Yorkers ONLY contact your senators with your stories.  The Assembly or House version of the bill needs to be heard in committee and both bills need to pass off each actual chamber floor (Senate and Assembly) by majority before they can become law.  If you have not done so, please send emails and call your Senator.


To email all the SENATORS AT ONCE copy and paste this list:

*Instructions for doing a mass email: put your senator's name in the TO field and BCC (blind carbon copy) the rest of the senators.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

To the Honorable Members of the New York State Senate regarding Bill S6345,

My name is ________, I'm a __-year old _________ from _________ and I'd like to voice my concern about S645 being reviewed by the Senate.  Then BRIEFLY summarize:

-How you came to use kratom (did you learn about it in a chronic pain support group, etc?)

-What ailments you suffer, what treatments haven't worked (prescriptions, surgery, etc.), how long you've been dealing with your condition, how long you've been using kratom and how many/what medications you've been able to quit.

-What kratom means to you (has it given you your life back, have you gone back to work, can you play with your, exercise or travel, etc., something anecdotal about why kratom is important and should be available).

-Conclusion: Kratom is a safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs with important medicinal uses and has changed my life, so I'm asking you to please vote against S6345.

If you have questions about kratom, please visit Thank you for your time and service to the state.



***Please be professional and polite, keeping it as short as possible. Their aides are probably reading these and the moment they notice anything irrational, disrespectful, or get lost due to length, they'll just move on.

2) PHONE CALLS - Call their office

State that you are a ______ year old ______ (occupation) from ______, you take Kratom responsibly for _______, which has allowed you to become (or remain) a productive member of society, you are opposed to S6345 and believe that a good compromise would be an age restriction to 18+.

New York has legislation that would ban kratom, Senate Bill S6345 sponsored by Senator David Carlucci. Here's what you can do NOW to help keep kratom legal in New York.

Full List New York Senate Members list is below

List includes phone numbers and email addresses.  

You can see it online which includes their mailing addresses, click here. You can view the PDF version of the members here

Addabbo, Joseph P., Jr. 518-455-2322

Akshar, Frederick J., II 518-455-2673

Amedore, George A., Jr. 518-455-2350

Avella, Tony 518-455-2210

Bonacic, John J. 518-455-3181

Boyle, Philip M. 518-455-3411

Breslin, Neil D. 518-455-2225

Carlucci, David Bill Sponsor 518-455-2991

Comrie, Leroy G., Jr. 518-455-2701

Croci, Thomas D. 518-455-3570

DeFrancisco, John A. 518-455-3511

Diaz, Ruben, Sr.  518-455-2511

Dilan, Martin Malave 518-455-2177

Espaillat, Adriano 518-455-2041

Farley, Hugh T. 518-455-2181 

Felder, Simcha 518-455-2754

Flanagan, John J. 518-455-2071

Funke, Rich  518-455-2215

Gallivan, Patrick M. 518-455-3471

Gianaris, Michael N. 518-455-3486

Golden, Martin 518-455-2730

Griffo, Joseph A.  518-455-3334

Hamilton, Jesse E. 518-455-2431

Hannon, Kemp  518-455-2200

Hassell-Thompson, Ruth  518-455-2061

Hoylman, Brad 518-455-2451

Kennedy, Timothy  518-455-2426

Klein, Jeffrey D.  518-455-3595

Krueger, Liz 518-455-2297

Lanza, Andrew J.  518-455-3215

Larkin, William J., Jr.  518-455-2770

Latimer, George 518-455-2031

LaValle, Kenneth P.  518-455-3121

Little, Elizabeth O'C.  518-455-2811

Marcellino, Carl L. 518-455-2390

Marchione, Kathleen  518-455-2381

Martins, Jack M.  518-455-3265

Montgomery, Velmanette 518-455-3451

Murphy, Terrence P.  518-455-3111

Nozzolio, Michael F. 518-455-2366

O'Mara, Thomas F. 518-455-2091

Ortt, Robert G.  518-455-2024

Panepinto, Marc C.  518-455-2760

Parker, Kevin S.  518-455-2580

Peralta, Jose R.  518-455-2529
Counties: Part of Queens

Perkins, Bill  518-455-2441

Persaud, Roxanne J.  518-455-2788

Ranzenhofer, Michael H.  518-455-3161

Ritchie, Patricia A.  518-455-3438

Rivera, Gustavo  518-455-3395

Robach, Joseph E.  518-455-2909

Sanders, James, Jr.  518-455-3531

Savino, Diane J.  518-455-2437

Serino, Susan J.  518-455-2945

Serrano, Jose M.  518-455-2795

Seward, James L.  518-455-3131

Squadron, Daniel  518-455-2625

Stavisky, Toby Ann  518-455-3461

Stewart-Cousins, Andrea  518-455-2585

Valesky, David J.  518-455-2838

Venditto, Michael  518-455-3341

Young, Catharine M.  518-455-3563

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