How To Talk About Kratom

Changing the Public Perception of Kratom

Today more than ever citizen activists have multiple platforms and opportunities to tell their stories, share their beliefs and work toward a common cause—and we need your help!

Nearly every week there is a news report or article that mentions Kratom. The initial reaction Kratom elicits from the general public, misinformed media, lawmakers and regulators typically is not positive. We're dealing with fear of the unknown.

Communications with legislators and reporters can feel artificial but are extremely important to get our message out, so here are some guidelines to help us be more successful. Our advocacy and education efforts with both legislators and the media will carry us forward into a future with Kratom if we do this right.

How to talk to Media and Legislators

Kill them with kindness EVERY TIME: though many of these stories and regulatory efforts feel like a personal attack, we cannot be defensive. It’s critical to be calm and polite. Find something, anything you agree with, and start off on a positive note.

Tell your story: your personal journey to find pain relief with Kratom is powerful. Provide a clear and concise account of who you are (your age, occupation and precise location), your ailments, how you found Kratom and how it’s worked for you.

Share the facts: Kratom is a natural and legal botanical. Responsible consumers are using it safely across the country and the world for relief of a variety of both mental and physical ailments. The situations and circumstances of a few, do not represent the many. Implementing sweeping, harmful legislation based on misinformation and alarmism is not a public safety solution.

Using accurate, but strategic language will strengthen the arguments you are making to audiences that do not have a sound base of knowledge on the issue.  Here are some important buzzwords to keep in mind.


Being consistent in all communication and education will be key to changing the perception of Kratom and the key to ensuring it as a viable medicinal herb into the future. Together we can impact the debate and ensure our voices are heard. Stay tuned for additional talking points and fact sheets that may benefit our outreach efforts. 

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    How To Talk About Kratom
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    Is Kratom Legal in CA?
  • commented 2016-11-28 18:16:03 -0500
    I heard about kratom on the Joe Rogan podcast, and everything promoted on this podcast has been beneficial to me or anyone I’ve introduced this podcast to. I have a family member who suffers from PTSD, and the Joe Rogan podcast has been benificial to him because of the knowledge that the podcast introduces to people. I believe kratom should be not made illegal to use because of the positive aspects that have been introduced to people in need of help because of this plant.
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    How To Talk About Kratom
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    I have been suffering with cronic Lymes disease for over a year and a half, desperate to get help for my pain to care for my one yr old daughter Delilah , Drs have turned me down for any sort of help from this debilitating disease , I looked for natural alternatives and came across crate Kratom. For the first time I could hold my daughter and lift her up and give her kisses, I could dance with her when she wanted I finally felt God shining on me for the first time motherhood should be a happy time not a scared painful lonely time .it took the pain away and the fear of having to be rejected by doctors to help me. I feel like that has been taken from me. Try to explain to your one-year-old why mommy can’t do the things that mommies do. It gave me back my life and my daughter a “good mother”and if that’s wrong we should reevaluate where we are in this country.
    Yours truly Alanna Drury
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    I have been suffering terribly for 5 years with chronic back hip leg and spine pain also with fibromyalgia! I discovered this wonderful natural safe not addictive plant a year ago and is the only thing that helped me get through my day and take care of my small children! Now the mindless DEA decided they are going to take it away from millions of us for no reason I can think of except to make Americans suffer! It’s really pathetic that we have something natural and wonderful to help us and keep the lives we have to live with the hand we were delt! We didn’t ask to suffer with pain nor do we deserve to and now we are left to suffer! It’s so pathetic and sickening that our nation would rather see us suffer just because they don’t have the facts to back up their allegations!!! The DEA thinks their cleaning up the streets but all their doing is causing crime of street drugs to rise, suicide rates to rise and unemployment/social security disability to rise!!! Good job America way to help take care of your own!!! I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by this nonsense!!!
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    Yes, kratom is a natural and legal botanical.
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    I need this because nothing stops my Fibromyalgia pain.

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