Commenting Tips Continued

General commenting tips :

a) BE SURE YOU SAVE A COPY OF YOUR COMMENT IN A DOCUMENT BEFORE YOU TRY TO SUBMIT – Things go wrong on the internet all the time and you’ll want to have that backup copy in case something crashes while you’re trying to submit.

b) In your first sentence, give your age and occupation or any credentials you have. The first sentence will be the onepeople see at they are scrolling through the comments.

c) Learn about the Federal Register and what it is

d) Be polite and professional - remember you are giving testimony to a government agency. Read about how to write a business letter here : (after the salutation section for the purpose of these comments. No address is needed.)

e) Be honest and speak from your own personal experience

f) When citing facts in any type of formal writing, it is important to include a reference to where you got the facts. Learn more about that here:

g) Take your time and work on your grammar and wording. Some people around the Facebook and Reddit groups have offered to help with grammar and spelling. There is also a free site called [Grammarly](search google for it) . You have to sign up, but it helps a lot with grammar and spelling! 5a. Also, for finding the right word, is a great help!

h) Spread the word! Ask your family and friends to write comments to the DEA regarding the impact of kratom on your life from their view. If they have any opinion on kratom's scheduling, they can say so. Anyone can write a comment, not only consumers. The comments can be as simple as a single sentence stating their position on the issue.

TIP FOR MULTIPLE COMMENTS ON THE SAME COMPUTER BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE (Only 1 comment per person, please! Multiple from the same person can be detrimental to our cause):
If you have multiple people commenting on the same computer, and you are using Chrome browser, press CTRL+SHIFT+N to open an "incognito window". This will clear out any previous information from your comment so that they can make one in their name. This is only necessary when using site.

The AKA relies on donations and memberships to fund their costly efforts in the kratom fight. Please donate HERE.  For questions about donations, contact Angela Ross

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