We finally got the news we've been dreading to hear: Alabama has banned Kratom.  The governor signed the SB226 into law.

We were told going in that this was a done deal. Every trick in the Alabama legislature's book was played on the forces that were trying for a compromise bill, but none were given time or discussion. Our thanks go out to the hard-fighting kratom loving people of Alabama, who gave it their best effort.

So now, the State of Alabama will have reason to put more of their hardworking voters in prison, husbands will lose their active wives, children will lose the companionship and guidance of their mothers and fathers as more formerly sober citizens are forced by pain to return to opioid drugs. We were told the goal was to get people OFF those deadly drugs, which kratom has been doing very well.

The crowning irony will be that selling kratom in Alabama will put kratom vendors in jail with 2 -- 99 year sentences, forcing real criminals out onto the streets, even while certain legislators ignored the prison overcrowding issue, just so they could punish those with chronic pains, PTSD, fatigue, anxiety, and depression.

Freedom of choice of a better, safer form of natural medication lost out.

To Barry Matson, Mack Butler, Arthur Orr - your names will go down in the sad history of a beautiful state that didn't listen to their people. Responsible, law abiding adults who'd finally found real relief and a new way of life.

On behalf of the AKA, I promise you we won't let this go unchallenged. We will work to right this wrong.

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